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Each month there is an special themed session for your choosing.

All themes will be announced at least 6 months ahead.

These sessions are geared toward clients who:

  • Like to shoot more than once

  • Want to try a session without committing to a full session

  • Are having a life event that may not require a full session (example: bridal and maternity)

If you would like to shoot more than one theme in a year, let me know while we're on the booking call and I can discount you accordingly. 


These sessions take place on specific dates and have a limited number of spots available. 


The $999 session is inclusive, meaning everything is included in the price. 


$200 of the price is held as a retainer and is required to reserve your spot. The remainder must be paid prior to your session. 


Package includes:

  • A Keepsake Box OR Mini album with 8 images.

Additional Images may be purchased.

Digitals(8) are free with a full signed photo release


These sessions are shorter than the regular experience and ONLY include the themed shots. There is no pre-meeting or same day viewing for these sessions. Session dates are pre-scheduled. If you'd like a luxury experience with a full day just for you, then contact me to book a full session.

2022 Themes
May - December

Bonus Theme 8/26-27

The Appalachian Siren Sessions are a sensual outdoor photoshoot capturing the allure of a siren with a folk twist. Inspired by the Sirens in the Odyssey retelling, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, this shoot is pretty unique! It can be a single client, group of ladies, or even a couples session.

Based on boudoir photography this photoshoot won't be for everyone. But if you want something outside the box and so sexy then you'll definitely want to check this out.

This is an inclusive themed event so dates, spaces, and options are limited.

All products are included in the price but upgrades are available.

They can only take place on August 26th or 27th.

There are only 5 spaces available to book.


Hair and makeup is included but will be targeted toward the wet look, in other words not glam.

Some costuming will be available at no charge.

To get your spot, follow this link to schedule an information and booking call with me and I'll get you set up with an invoice and shoot time!

JULY 26-28

By July things are getting hot! If you've ever wanted to try a couples session this is definitely for you! A fun way to reconnect on a different level without commiting to the full session. See the mood board for the feel on this one!

AUGUST 23-25

In August we lounge by the pool, regardless of the size! This is a really fun one with lots of props. See the mood board for the feel on this one!


Are you an exhibitionist? Or maybe you just love the outdoors. This session is all about you and the backdrop! I have a spot picked out but message me if you're interested to see where this one will take place. See the mood board for the feel on this one!


I'm spooky all year round! I have a few ideas for this one but if you've always wanted a sexy but spooky shoot book this and lets make it happen! See the mood board for the feel on this one!


Ladies, I know you've been waiting for this one! I'm finally offering it. This will not include suspension, I'll save that for another time. This session is for the aesthetic and it is hot! Ropes not your style? I have other binds that might interest you. See the mood board for the feel on this one!

DECEMBER 11/29-12/1

And finally we wrap up 2022 with a nice little bow. Just something fun in the dead of Winter! *Since this is the busiest time of year for the printers I cannot guarantee delivery of physical items before Christmas but if you sign the photo release I will have the digitals to you ASAP See the mood board for the feel on this one!


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