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The Obvious Choice - Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is quite an obvious choice when it comes to purchasing lingerie for your boudoir session. Founded in 1977, VS is found in every mall and has become pretty accessible price wise as well.


With various styles that change often during the year, shopping here could be hit or miss if you have something specific in mind. A major plus though is that you have the ability to try on things before you buy. Specialty lingerie stores have all but disappeared in the wake of online shopping. Properly fitted items are important for photos. You don't want something too small squishing you into a shape you aren't.

Another great point for VS is the major sales twice a year (going on at the time I write this). If your able to grab something you love during the semi-annual sale do it! But make sure you get their emails because sizes disappear quick. They also have a lot of gifts with purchase if you're into that. The quality is on the better end and the price point isn't so high that you'll beat yourself up over it. Should you be so inclined, the credit card has some pretty good perks as well.

With the college targeted PINK line, VS is able to cover a wide spectrum of styles from casual to formal. Where VS does fall short is in their size range. Undies max at XXL and Bras at 40 DDD (F). PINK stops at XL and 36 DDD. This may seem like a good range except not all larger sizes come in every style. So if you're plus size and have your heart set on that lacy teddy you're going to be disappointed.


In conclusion here is my rating for Victoria's Secret :

Variety : A

Style Options : A

Affordable : B (not a negative but it's not the cheapest )

Size Range: C

Happy Shopping!


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