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To Shein or not...

We've all seen them, I dare say been bombarded with them. 'Them' being the obnoxious, yet alluring, advertisements for the affordable, fast fashion website Shein. If you've ever been curious about the too good to be true online clothing store, wonder no more, I've purchased so you don't have to...


So let me say, straight out of the gate this website is DAUNTING! There are thousands of items and unless you are looking for something very specific, you will fall down a very long and dark rabbit hole. I actually took multiple days to finally pull the trigger on my order. I found that it was incredibly easy to end up with so many items in your cart you can't even remember when you added them. In the end I whittled my choices down to 8 items in various sizes and styles and paid about $55.

At this point of the process there doesn't seem to be any real negatives. The sizing charts for EACH item are super important. They are definitely not standard across the website. The prices seem to fall into a 'get what you pay for' category when you start looking closely. Make sure you're looking at the review photos always. The admirable ladies who return to not only review but also post photos of them wearing the items are true heroes. The variety of styles in all sizes is also a plus.

The shipping at first was a bit of a downer with an estimated 1 month before delivery but I was happily surprised when it arrived 2 weeks early. Not bad for free shipping for who knows where.

The item in the photo to the left was the only oddball in the package. I ordered a size 2XL and recieved a 1XL. I'm not sure why this happened but the fit and fabric to my eyes looks as though it may still be a good fit for a 2XL. And for $11 it wasn't a bad enough mess up to worry about returning.

Otherwise all the items were surprisingly decent quality. I would put them on par with Forever 21 clothing.

While this isn't going to be high end luxury lingerie it's probably pretty great for items you likely will never wear again...or maybe you will!


In conclusion here is my rating for Shein :

Type Variety: A

Style Options: A

Affordable: A

Size Range: A!

(New Category) Quality: C These items probably won't last you long term if you're wearing them often.

Happy Shopping!


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