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You don't have to know how to pose to do boudoir!

A lot of my clients were originally worried about knowing how to pose for their photo session. There is a common misconception that to have great photos your need to be a model or naturally photogenic. This is not the case! The secret to great photos is the photographer. If you trust your boudoir photographer then you can be sure that your images will be the best you've ever seen.

Picture this...You're on vacation at a beautiful resort. The views are magnificent and you'd love a photo of yourself with the backdrop. Not a selfie. You see someone close by and ask them to take a photo. They graciously comply with a quick "1, 2, 3, say cheese!", snap the photo and hand back your phone. What does your image look like? Were you ready? How was the lighting? Did your hair look ok? Did you blink?

This is what most of us are used to when we ask for our picture to be taken. And usually the results are disappointing. Then what do we do? Internalize. We tell ourselves that we aren't photogenic, we're too (insert a negative comment here), don't ask for pictures because they always turn out badly. But the problem isn't any of those things! If that same person was an experienced photographer the scenario would look more like this..."I would love to take this photo for you! Ok stand right there. Ok a little to the left, perfect. Now angle toward me and tilt your head like this, great! Now this will be from the waist up so put your hand here, yep, just like that. Now I'll take the picture on the count of three, ready?, 1, 2, 3. Ok stay right there lets take one more..."

What do you think of that scenario? Do you think your photo would be better? I venture to bet it would make the world of difference. This is why experienced photographers are worth their weight in gold. And also why a boudoir session with me is a full day luxury experience! I want to make sure you love every second. So don't worry if you think you aren't good at posing, that's what I'm here for! So is it time to book your session?

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